Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh, oh, oh, to take a family vacation go Vegas after hours.

I thought it simpler to narrow my life down to a few lists:

Movies I've seen recently:
- Leap Year (LOVED IT. I need a guy with an Irish accent, lol, but what else is new?)
- Princess and the Frig (about how I expected, cute but rather disappointing for a Disney movie, nothing like the classics)
- Old Dogs (Surprisingly HILARIOUS. I laughed far more than I should have)
- Avatar (I actually only sat through about half of it, didn't see it in a theater so that probably took away a lot of the appeal)
- Percy Jackson and the Olympians (LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE)
- Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (again, surprisingly hilarious! Especially for Dreamworks)
- Did You Hear About the Morgans? (I love Hugh Grant so I knew I was going to like this. Of course I also do not like Sarah Jessica Parker, so it could've been a toss up. It was okay, though. Hugh made it very enjoyable, lol)

Tests I've taken recently:
- too. many. anatomy. tests. (I am SO done with this class. Fed up with everything about it and already burned out with still a whole month and a half to go! ::dies:: If I have to look inside the chest to another cadaver I really think I'm going to start gagging in front of the TA's)
- Hearing Science (I never go to this class any more, but it's the class I'm doing the best in. Go figure)
- Articulation and Phonological Phonetics (This teacher is the bane of my existence (tied with anatomy) and I don't understand her at all, or her class. I got an A on the first test and something really, really bad on the second test)

Jobs I've gotten recently:

Money I've spent recently:

Vids I've made recently:
- I've made *20* since my last blog post
- I just keep making more.
- I'm addicted.
- It's like my drug.
- This isn't really a list.
- Are you still reading this?

Decisions I've made recently:
- Not going home for Spring/Summer (mostly cause it's cheaper to live out here than go through the emotional fee of living with my parents)
- Threw away about half of my clothes. It was just time. (Of course now almost all my clothes really have belonged to one of my sisters before they belonged to me)
- Bought my own temple dress (::squee::!! LOVE IT)
- I will (most likely) be apply to a grad school somewhere in VA this time next year (iz skrd...)