Monday, December 14, 2009

Check out my bizzillion ab muscles...

11 days till Christmas!!!

Wow, did that just come out of nowhere? Of course at the same time it feels like this semester has been FOREVER long, lol! But it's practically over! I only have one (well, technically two) more final to take and then I'll be on my way home!! So exciting :D Never thought I'd be excited to go back home again, but the reunion that we've been planning for this Christmas is just going to be fabulous :) I'm still very, *very* bummed that Matt and Tyrelle and Ellie aren't going to be there, but everyone else is, so it should still be awesome!!!

(lots of exclamation points in this post already, huh?)

I took two finals today and actually did well on them (gasp!). Of course then I went to try and sell back my stupid Anatomy book (you all remember *that* fiasco, don't you?) and BYU wouldn't take it!? what's up with that? They said they can't take it cause it's damaged, but that's how I bought it! I barely even used the book anyway....pft....annoying....but it all turned out fine in the end. Actually better than fine. Cause right when I got home I put it up on the BYU book exchange and someone called me about an hour later and wanted to buy it! And she's also going to buy my workbook, which I hardly used and would've have been able to sell back anyway, so really I got an even better deal, lol. Way to beat the system! GO ME!

I never reported on my "Wedding/Thanksgiving break" just cause the story was too long. It was a CRAZY long, busy week, but lots of fun and I'm glad I got to be involved in both the weddings. The most exciting story from that week was getting from Vegas to Provo on Saturday night. I ended up just going to catch a Greyhound bus to Provo and rode it through the night. I didn't get any sleep cause there was some completely unnatural snoring going on in the front of the bus. Even my headphones didn't block it out....ugh. So I reach Provo at 5:30 in the morning with no ride from the bus stop to my apartment. So I start walking. Another BYU student was on the bus too, so he walked with me part of the way. He was an exchanged student from Taiwan so he didn't know really where he was going and we were in south Provo where I NEVER go, so I had no idea either. I ended up steering us towards Smiths, which was good cause that led us to Freedom Drive and you can get anywhere in Provo if you find Freedom Drive. So yeah, I ended up walking about an hour and a half back to my apartment. The guy walked with me for about half the time, then we split off to go in different directions. I ended up calling my mom so I could just talk to someone while I walked. I was really glad my suitcase had wheels, lol. So yeah, that was the craziest adventure I had, and I'm not in a hurry to repeat it :p

Not much else to report! Going home on Thursday!!! ::throws confetti:: Going to the beach house on Saturday!! ::launches fireworks::

(oh wait, ps. For those of you who care, I *did* go see New Moon over the thanksgiving break. I was...impressed. But only cause my expectations were so low I think, lol. I'm now kinda leaning towards Team Jacob in the movies, but still team Edward in the books. I went back and read through Eclipse after I saw the movie...yeah *totally* team Edward in the books, lol. The movie just looked better, meaning that it didn't look like a low-budget student film, aka. Twilight. The acting was still horrid. Painful. Only the guys who played Jacob and Charlie showed any kind of real emotion. so final verdict is: better than Twilight, which didn't take much, haha.)