Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What are men to rocks and mountains?

Okay I think I'm seriously going through "video making deprivation", which is sad when you realize that I did make a video, like 4 days ago.


I have no life!

But it's true, I did get 100% on a quiz today, but only after staying on campus for 7 hours. Ew, who does that? Oh that's right, normal people at BYU who have oodles of scholarships that they need to keep up their GPA for.

In exciting news, I'll be home in a week! I guess that's exciting. It's actually really exciting because (a) Rachel will be *married*!!! (b) I'll only actually be at my parents house for less than 3 days (c) I'll get to see most of my family again (d) I won't be at school and (e) I'll be flying to Mariah's wedding very very soon!!

I came home today and thanked my roommate that she's not getting married any time soon. Most of my friends are either engaged or have serious boyfriends. It's quite draining to be around them. My roommate very seriously told me that she was happy to help. <3

In other news, I'm living off or Raman, peanut butter and tortilla chips at the moment.

In other, other news, I get my temple recommend tonight :D

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Epic Win

My new favorite ways of wasting time:

That is all.....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bags, woman!

Alright, so I just (finally) finished the 4th book in the Sword of Truth series.


And yeah, I'm kinda not sure how to react. That book got WAY to explicit for my taste, I was almost going to just stop reading....BUT I HAD TO SEE RICHARD AND KAHLAN GET MARRIED!!! Good grief Terry Goodkind, could we have dragged that out longer if we tried?? And honestly, did they really have to go marry other people first?? And who *totally* called Drefan being a bad guy? I mean honestly, he was waaaaay too nice to actually be on the good side. And who was just waiting for Kahlan to let out some blue lightning on Nadine? MAN that girl was *annoying*!! And what was that whole pointless, random side story with Zedd being dragged around everywhere with that Ann woman who *annoyed* me to no end. And then just *bing!* there they are at the end at the wedding! Don't tell me, it's magic, right? And I totally don't think Ann knows what she's talking about with Nathan, because he seemed to understand everything a LOT better than her and she's chasing after him trying to get him to wear the collar again...what woman is just really messed up. I don't think I've ever really believed anything she's said.

No, but seriously, it was a really good book. Like I said, I could've done without the expicit scenes, but I could see how at least some of them were quite important to the plot. (speaking of explicit scenes, I *totally* knew it was Richard and not Drefan who was in with Kahlan after the "weddings". I kept thinking "No, it's got to be Richard, it's got to be Richard, she just can't see his face..." the whole time I was reading that chapter. And then when she realized it was I was like "BOOM! Betrayal by the one in white! Boo yah prophecy!" (I talk to books, it's weird, but I feel very smart when I can actually see something coming, cause a lot of times I *really* don't see things coming)

Anyway, I'm sure that no one who reads this blog will care, but I had to write this down somewhere, cause none of my roommates would understand :p