Monday, January 11, 2010

he's mad as a box of frogs

So I never update this blog. I don't know why I thought it would be different, cause I've never been able to keep a journal for longer than a week in my life (scratch that - I did do it on my mission).

Anywho, here's a rundown of my life since Christmas:
  • The reunion at the beach was SO fun and SO cold
  • Except of course for that part where I got sick and lost my voice through most of my vacation - that was not so fun
  • But I got medicine for it - but it didn't start working till a day after I got back in Utah
  • Oh the irony
  • My neice Audrey is ADORABLE. She was saved from my excessive smooching by my sickness, but that also means I couldn't save her from her over-attentive cousins
  • The two videos I made for my family were a big hit :D
  • I *didn't* have to take down Christmas decorations before I left - SCORE
  • I *did* go see Sherlock Holmes twice - loved it.
  • Saw "The Young Victoria" - LOVED it
  • Got a new obsession in the form of the Syfy mini-series "Alice". My official new celebrity crush is Andrew-Lee Potts. - LOVE him (I'm not even joking, I really do love him)
  • The new school semseter is going to kick my trash like nothing I've ever experianced
  • Anatomy especially is going to make my brain leak out of my ears
  • I now have over 550 subscribers on YT. How in the world did *that* happen?
  • My car is still alive - YAY!
  • reread "Breaking Dawn"....umm...yeah.
  • My new calling in the ward is Temple Prep Teacher - LOVE IT
Latest Personal Revelation: With how crazy school is I wasn't sure if I could keep vidding. I've decided, though, that I really think I need to vid. As self centered as this sounds, I really think I need to have something in my life where I'm decent at it, love it, get a good response from it, ect. There's not a whole lot of that anywhere else in my life right now. Sometimes it's just nice to do something you're good at and go somewhere you're appreciated and accepted. Plus, I've got so many good friends on YT now (cyberfriends? me? I know, it's weird) and I love having friends :D

On a completely random and unrelated note: for Christmas my mom gave each of us a copy of our family pedigree chart tracing us back to Adam and Eve. Around the chart are family crests of people we're related to. One of them is the Earl of Huntington. I realize that in the original Robin Hood legend he wasn't even a noble, and I realize that it is a legend, but it still makes me smile every time I think about it. Also, my Aunt Jen told me last night that a couple in her ward recently went through the temple and guess what names they were proxies for? Robin of Locksley and Marian of Knighton. I can't make this stuff up people.