Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Are you the Doctor?


I just finished watching the end of DW season 2 and I seriously was starting to cry when the Doctor and Rose said goodbye!! ::sob:: Like, I never cry in movies (with a few exceptions for church movies) and I NEVER cry in TV shows but oh dear I was tearing up so bad!!


I know Rose "comes back" somehow but dang, that was amazing acting by David and Billie!

okay that is all, lol...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nobody likes you when you're 23!

Since I'm done with school and have nothing to do... I thought I'd blog about it, haha :p

I had this whole big goal of spending lots of time with my grandma once school was over, cause I kinda neglected her a bit this semester and I wanted to be able to visit with her and keep her company (you know, as long as I'm stuck out here and everything). But of course when I go to visit her on Friday, the only bloody thing she can talk about is how I need to get a job and I need to be more assertive and brag about myself and blah blah blah blah BLAH!!! That old woman needs a smack down! She has no idea how hard I'm trying to find a job and how *hard* it is for me to put myself out there! ugh. Anyway, I didn't stay long and just promised I'd visit the next day. So I go back on Saturday, hoping I can just sit there and play the piano and she'll be quiet. But NOOOO...my aunts are over having some kind of brainstorming meeting about Caroline's opera and so I can't play the piano without looking rude and I am once *again* subjected to chastisement for my lack of job. Needless to say I didn't stay long again, and promised to come back the next day. Of course I didn't go back today. Ugh, I'm such a bad granddaughter. But seriously, I don't want to hear it anymore! I get it every time I call home (which I'm not doing anymore, btw) so I'm just going to avoid my grandma as well until I find a job. Easy enough...

Of course this leaves me with even more free time to apply for jobs. I applied for quite a few yesterday, even went driving around and wrote down info and talked to people about jobs. I applied at Zupas....mmmm I love their soup, lol.

To pass the time when I'm not job hunting, I've been watching the earlier seasons of Doctor Who and they are so fun!! Why on earth didn't I watch them sooner?? The first (nine) doctor was perfect! I loved him LOTS more than I thought I would and he totally won me over, lol! And I love Rose! Gah! She's fabulous! And then of course I get into the "David Tennant" seasons and ohhhh boy, I was DYING laughing!! Just in the first episode where he is "possessed" by this lady and he has to act all feminine...oh dear, my roommates probably thought I was mad, lol! It was just so SO much fun! I'm about halfway through the 2nd season and I never want it to end! Of course I still get new episodes every week with Matt (Eleven) and he is still my favorite, even though David is a very VERY close second, lol :p And I'd even say that Christopher is a very VERY close third! I think they're just all so fun in their own special way :)

I'm trying to keep my mind off of home, but it keeps wandering there anyway. I had a big dream last night that I was home and when I woke up it was rather depressing, lol. But I really just have to remind myself that if I was hope right now I would just be wishing I was gone...I don't want to go live there, just a visit would be nice. I miss my siblings and my nieces and nephew :( It's weird to think of not being home for summer...I've NEVER done that before. ::sigh:: I know, I know - "Liisa! you're 23! It's about time to be independent!" Shut it! I'm the youngest (well, second to youngest) and I just want to be home sometimes, okay?

Friday, April 16, 2010

I can't think of anything funny to put here


Thank goodness.

Hummmm...I should probably eat some real food today....

What's that? I still need to find a job?

::covers ears::


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why should I have to WORK for everything?! It's like saying I don't deserve it!

10 more days and then I will be DONE with this semester...it cannot end quick enough...

Thankfully my anatomy lab was finished on monday!! ::throws confetti:: I have no idea what I got on the final, but I could not care less! I'm going to pass and that's good enough for me at this point. I never knew the purpose of that class anyway...No more looking at dead bodies!! My dad told me that this experience of taking anatomy was just so that I would know that nothing will ever be as hard as that class was, lol. He said I should use it as a comparison for everything difficult that happens in my life: "Well, this isn't as bad as that anatomy class."

Since I'm not going home from Spring/Summer, finding a job is getting *really* important, not like it wasn't important before, but now if I don't have a job in two weeks I am literally going to have NOTHING to do...cause I'm not taking classes or anything. I had a dream last night that I got one of the many jobs I applied for and I was so happy and relieved and when I woke up I wanted to start crying cause I realized it had just been a dream. It didn't help that my parents were out here just these past two weeks and there's nothing to make you feel more like a failure than having your parents see if first-hand. My dad particularly doesn't understand why I don't have more ambition in my life, why I don't aspire to anything. Truthfully he's right, at the moment there is nothing I'm really working towards, except graduation, but what comes after that? Grad school I guess, but I haven't looked into anything for grad school and frankly, with the way my bank account looks right now, I don't want to even think about how much that's going to cost. I love my major, but I'm not doing as well grade-wise as I should be and it's making me frustrated with my life choices. Ugh, but who *isn't* frustrated with their life choices when they're 23?

Of course I've been frustrated with my life choices since I was 16.

On top of all this, I miss my family :( This will be the longest I've gone without going home. Even my mission lasted only 6 months, but if I don't visit home until the end of august it'll be 8 months. I should probably just grow up and get over it, but it's hard not to be there where all my nieces are growing up and my brothers and sisters are living their lives. It is wonderful to have Matt out here, but it's never the same.

There are a lot of bright points in my life right now, though. My friends are just amazing. It's finally reached the divide where I have more friends out here in Utah than in Virginia and that will make it easier to stay out here for Spring/Summer. Just yesterday my friend Katie invited me over for a "Jam Party" at her house and we made homemade bread and jam (random much?). It sounds weird, but we had lots of fun and I'm so glad that she's going to be here over the summer. My roommate Sara is also staying, which is a big relief that I'll still have someone I know in my apartment. Kristen, another friend from class, has her baby due in about 2 months and Katie and I are *so* excited to babysit, lol. And there's always lots of good friends in my classes since all my classes have the same people :p And there's even more friends!! Amy, Ashley, Mariah, Hsin-Ping...great, amazing people who put up with me :p It should be a fun summer, I hope!

And of course there's always video-making, lol, which really occupies my life ;) I'm trying to branch into new things but it's time consuming, we'll have to see how long my patience holds out. At the moment I've vidded these fandoms: Robin Hood, Merlin, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Alice, Spooks, Alias and The Young Victoria. And right now I have a Firefly/Serenity video in the works along with two Legend of the Seeker videos. We'll see if I get any of them done. The most tedious step for me is getting the clips, whether it's ripping them from my DVD's or downloading them...I just have no patience, lol. And of course whenever I am working on a video I feel lazy cause that means I'm not looking for a job, but there's only so many applications you can send in, ugh...I'm just no good at bragging about myself. My grandma says that's why i don't have a job yet: I don't beef up my resume enough or "lie" about my abilities. blah.

In an effort to leave you on a lighter note, here's my latest vid (and my first attempt at vidding The Young Victoria). If you haven't seen this movie yet, I strongly recommend it! Just a beautiful love story!