Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What are men to rocks and mountains?

Okay I think I'm seriously going through "video making deprivation", which is sad when you realize that I did make a video, like 4 days ago.


I have no life!

But it's true, I did get 100% on a quiz today, but only after staying on campus for 7 hours. Ew, who does that? Oh that's right, normal people at BYU who have oodles of scholarships that they need to keep up their GPA for.

In exciting news, I'll be home in a week! I guess that's exciting. It's actually really exciting because (a) Rachel will be *married*!!! (b) I'll only actually be at my parents house for less than 3 days (c) I'll get to see most of my family again (d) I won't be at school and (e) I'll be flying to Mariah's wedding very very soon!!

I came home today and thanked my roommate that she's not getting married any time soon. Most of my friends are either engaged or have serious boyfriends. It's quite draining to be around them. My roommate very seriously told me that she was happy to help. <3

In other news, I'm living off or Raman, peanut butter and tortilla chips at the moment.

In other, other news, I get my temple recommend tonight :D


  1. woot, I finally realized I could officially follow your blog!

    p.s. you still using windows movie maker for videos? just curious since I'm always looking for video making programs.

  2. SO sorry I'm just finally replying, Molly!! I didn't even KNOW that this comment was here!! ::bangs head against desk::
    But just in case you ever come back to check: I'm not using WMM anymore, it had far too may problems and limitations. I use a vid making program called Sony Vegas. It's AMAZING. I love it, lol :p