Thursday, July 16, 2009

Well there must be another Arthur, cause this one's an idiot

So Half Blood Prince was pretty much amazing, not that anyone is surprised that I'm saying that, lol. Honestly, the only flaw I could really find in that movie was Bonnie Wright, the actress who plays Ginny. I thought her performance wasn't very good, which was disappointing to me cause I love Ginny in the books and I expected her to be played more dynamically in the movie. Bonnie seemed to play her very....flat. Does that make sense? No dimension to her at all and it very much looked like she needed acting classes. I'm not normally this critical, but it really bugged! Thankfully I enjoyed all of the other aspects of the movie and was practically bouncing up and down in my seat the whole time ;)

Life is still pretty slow, but of course that doesn't make me work on my Anatomy any more. I doubt I'll have it finished by the end of August, blah. I just hope I don't fail, whenever I finally finish the course.

So Mariah got engaged!!! I'm so excited for her! (she's my old mission comp, we were like twins on the mission) She's even asked me to be Maid of Honor, how exciting is that?? ::squee!!:: She seems so happy and that makes me so happy for her, cause she deserves it :D She'll be getting married in the Las Vegas temple around Thanksgiving time, so I guess it's good for me that Rachel had to push her wedding back (sorry Rachel!). But of course this means I really do have to lose weight by Thanksgiving...blast it! Oh well, whatdoyahdo?

In other news, I need to get more sleep. And stop making videos when I should be doing my Anatomy class. (which i kinda did with this one....I just stopped right in the middle of making it, haha)

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  1. Hi Liisa,
    I understand where you're coming from regarding Ginny, but I have hope that she'll bloom in the future. It's Luna Lovegood that drives me crazy. I don't think the actress that portrays her is very good, and why did she come up with that horrible voice? (Sorry for the rant, but you got the edited version.)