Saturday, August 15, 2009

Welcome to Pacific Ink's "Smart People on Ice!"

Checklist of things that I should probably get taken care of before I go back to school (in ten days, AHHHH!!!!):
-Find somewhere to live (SO important)
-Figure out if I need to get my car another state.....
-Find out if I am still a full time student if one of my classes is independant study... (anatomy is going to kick my trash)
-Pack, while realizing that I'm just going to have to pay to take two suitcases, cause I'm a girl
-Remember that I actually LIKED school in the spring...and start praying that I will still like school in fall (haha)
-Finish video requests and stop crusing youtube so much (is there an addicted to youtube anonymous group I can attend? ATYTA <---haha)
-Return my library books
-Finish my dress <---impossible. Coherse Kirsti and Heidi into finishing it for me <----possible
-Have the dreaded "money talk" with dad and dream about the days when I won't ever have to do that again and remind myself that the real reason I'm going to school is so I can get a real job and NEVER have to have that talk again

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  1. Oh, I hated packing for college! You always end up with way more stuff than you thought you had and it takes way more time than you thought it should.

    Have fun at school! Jake and I are so jealous!