Thursday, August 20, 2009

Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

So I have to rant about this somewhere and even if no one reads this blog at least I can just write it down....

To start off, I am *not* Miley Cyrus' biggest fan, not by a long shot. I actually think her voice is a tad annoying and she can overplay things. But hey, the tv show is cute and I'm a sucker for the Disney channel.

SO, that being said, I rented the new Hannah Montana movie from Redbox the other night,just on a whim cause I like those "feel good" movies and I had nothing better to do. I watched it and it was pretty dang cute. The songs were upbeat and fun to hear (she doesn't have my favoirte singing voice, but I respect her for her songwriting skills). Like any cheesy, kid's movie, some of the dialogue could've been better and the plot was just like any other disney movie. But I *love* that plot!! And obviously lots of other people do because this movie did AMAZINGLY good in the theaters and it's flying off the shelves now that it's on DVD.

So, me being me, after I watched the movie I went on to look up info about it (I do this for practically every movie I watch, it's an addicting site). So I go on there and the movie is rated, like 2.5 stars out of ten. And this is where I start to get ticked off. While looking through the public ratings and comments 99% of the comments were from adults who obviously didn't have children and obviously rated this movie *because* they don't have children and want to deny the existance of adolecence. I can understand if you rate something low because the acting is poor, the plot is poor, whatever. But rating something low simply because it's a kid's show?? I mean HELLO!!! I would bet all the money I have that most of those people actually never watched the movie, or if they did they went in with the pure intent of making fun of it.

It's just amazing to me that the ratings can be so low, and yet the movie did SO well at the box office. Don't say something is bad just because it's made for kids! I mean, come ON! Are you a child?? What are you doing watching this movie if you know you're going to hate it?? It's made for pre-teen girls so OBVIOUSLY it's going to be cheesy and have jokes that you would never laugh at!! I wanted to reply to each review and ask them all the same thing: "If this show sucks so much, why on earth did you watch it and take time to review it on a website? Your opinion of yourself is very high but anyone who reads your review and has a brain is definitley going to think less of you for taking a cheap shot at Disney."

While I was looking through the reviews I did see a few from actual parents who, while not rating it a ten, gave the movie 6, 7, or 8 stars, commenting on how it was great for their kids, had a nice moral and everything, and was clean. And see, THAT is what you should be judging the movie with. Not stuff like "Miley Cyrus can't act cause she's a wanna be [actually meaning: "I'm mad that Miley Cyrus makes more money than me and my instinct is to lash out at her"]" or "This movie was so lame it lowered the bar for all disney movies! [meaning: "I actually don't watch Disney movie's cause if I did I'd know that every single one of them has basically the same plot with the same type of humour in it."] <----Most people have this problem. I love Disney, so I love seeing that plot over and over again.

Okay, I'm done. I dont' know if I actually got my point across through all of that, but I just had to type this up cause while I know I am ignorant of lots of things in the world, I still know when other people are being idiots.

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