Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nobody likes you when you're 23!

Since I'm done with school and have nothing to do... I thought I'd blog about it, haha :p

I had this whole big goal of spending lots of time with my grandma once school was over, cause I kinda neglected her a bit this semester and I wanted to be able to visit with her and keep her company (you know, as long as I'm stuck out here and everything). But of course when I go to visit her on Friday, the only bloody thing she can talk about is how I need to get a job and I need to be more assertive and brag about myself and blah blah blah blah BLAH!!! That old woman needs a smack down! She has no idea how hard I'm trying to find a job and how *hard* it is for me to put myself out there! ugh. Anyway, I didn't stay long and just promised I'd visit the next day. So I go back on Saturday, hoping I can just sit there and play the piano and she'll be quiet. But aunts are over having some kind of brainstorming meeting about Caroline's opera and so I can't play the piano without looking rude and I am once *again* subjected to chastisement for my lack of job. Needless to say I didn't stay long again, and promised to come back the next day. Of course I didn't go back today. Ugh, I'm such a bad granddaughter. But seriously, I don't want to hear it anymore! I get it every time I call home (which I'm not doing anymore, btw) so I'm just going to avoid my grandma as well until I find a job. Easy enough...

Of course this leaves me with even more free time to apply for jobs. I applied for quite a few yesterday, even went driving around and wrote down info and talked to people about jobs. I applied at Zupas....mmmm I love their soup, lol.

To pass the time when I'm not job hunting, I've been watching the earlier seasons of Doctor Who and they are so fun!! Why on earth didn't I watch them sooner?? The first (nine) doctor was perfect! I loved him LOTS more than I thought I would and he totally won me over, lol! And I love Rose! Gah! She's fabulous! And then of course I get into the "David Tennant" seasons and ohhhh boy, I was DYING laughing!! Just in the first episode where he is "possessed" by this lady and he has to act all feminine...oh dear, my roommates probably thought I was mad, lol! It was just so SO much fun! I'm about halfway through the 2nd season and I never want it to end! Of course I still get new episodes every week with Matt (Eleven) and he is still my favorite, even though David is a very VERY close second, lol :p And I'd even say that Christopher is a very VERY close third! I think they're just all so fun in their own special way :)

I'm trying to keep my mind off of home, but it keeps wandering there anyway. I had a big dream last night that I was home and when I woke up it was rather depressing, lol. But I really just have to remind myself that if I was hope right now I would just be wishing I was gone...I don't want to go live there, just a visit would be nice. I miss my siblings and my nieces and nephew :( It's weird to think of not being home for summer...I've NEVER done that before. ::sigh:: I know, I know - "Liisa! you're 23! It's about time to be independent!" Shut it! I'm the youngest (well, second to youngest) and I just want to be home sometimes, okay?

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  1. awwh liisa I totally understand about your grandma, sometimes I feel the excact same way (although not about the same thing) you can easily get frustrated, I know. don't let it bring you down, you are trying your hardest and thats all anyone can expect. Just sign in to yahoo and you can vent all you like if you need it ;]