Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My parents never took me camping. You know why? Because they *loved* me!

I'm so bad with this blog. I used to be really good at journal keeping. Then I went on a mission and was forced to write in my journal every day...hummmmmm.......

Well, I guess I'm back to bullet points again, not that there is much to report, but I've decided I should at least try to make an effort, for myself at least so I remember this year, har har.

  • I *still* don't have a job. The big problem at the moment is that EVERYONE is looking for a job, so anything I apply for I'm competing with 100 other people who are probably FAR more qualified than me ::sigh:: And then there's the problem with my schedule not fitting ANYTHING even though I'm only taking 9 credits now and I'm BORED
  • I haven't worked on Anatomy, like, AT ALL. It's like this looming presence hanging over my head and one day it's just going to crash down on me like reality smacking in my face. Blah.
  • Since I have so much free time, I've been making videos like crazy. It's a hit or miss each day as to if I'm actually going to *like* the video I make, but I keep having ideas, so the videos keep coming out. I have a roommate who's a film major and she keeps insisting I need to take some editing classes and change my major cause she thinks I could do well with film editing, but as enticing as that is, I kinda want to keep the whole thing casual. I like the idea of having this creative outlet that I can just accomplish on my terms without being graded on it or doing it just so I can get money.
  • And speaking of money, I'm SO broke it's sad. I don't know what more to say about that other, than the fact that it is teaching me to be frugal AND teaching me how to give cheap gifts to people. (omg I'm so pathetic...)
  • I've gotten through the firs two books of the "Sword of Truth" series and I'm really enjoying them. My one complaint would be that they...well they kinda *drag*. The second one was 1000 pages and as I read through it I couldn't believe how slow it was moving sometimes. I realize why the author put in that much detail, it is all important to the plot. But I guess I'm just used to faster paced books. I'm getting the third from the library today so we'll see how far I get through that one. I am really enjoying the characters and the plot. There are certain, er, more explicit scenes I could have done without, but, well, he does get the point across I guess.
  • I'm actually still really enjoying school. My classes aren't killing me too much yet, but I haven't had any tests and I've barely had any homework. But still, it is nice to go to a class and actually be interested in what the teacher is saying, not just cause you need to know it to get a good grade, but because you actually care.
Oh yeah, and I'm 23 now. YAY!!! It's a very uneventful year! YAY!!!


  1. Haha, it wasn't me who reminded you of writing here again, was it? ;P
    Lol, I just found out that I can log in here with my gmail account, so I thought I'd just leave a short comment (hope it's still short when I'm finished, haha)...
    Ok, to keep it short, just a question: What "explicit" scenes where you referring to, the ones with explicit violence or the other explicit ones? ;) I think I remember a certain initiation scene involving a spiky demon that could have used a little less explicitness... haha
    Good luck for your job search :)

  2. actually it was only partially you. There have been quite a few people on YT and facebook who have commented recently about something I wrote in this blog, lol, so it all reminded me that I should update my life :p
    I'm talking about *all* the explicit scenes, the violence and the "other" kind lol. But mostly the *other* kind. I've gotten violenced out in the media so unfortunatly I'm accustomed to it, but the other stuff I don't enjoy at all :/