Monday, October 5, 2009

Dwarves are very upsetting

Hey look at me! updating so fast...I should totally get a reward...

So it's the day for exploiting cute little kids, so to distract you from the rest of this post where I'll be ranting, here's some cute pictures of my nieces :p

Awwww!! Aren't they adorable?

So okay, what has happened in my life this week? Not much. I got my first phonetics quiz back and got an A, yay! A lot of people got marked off for writing the "ae" symbol wrong, but not me! I pay attention, boo ya! I got to go to Mariah's bridal shower on Saturday, which was way fun, I'm so excited for her :) I'm only slightly worried about Rachel's wedding happening at the same time as hers, but I'm trying not to think about it. There's not much I can do if both of them happen at the same time, which stinks, but that's reality I guess. It was Conference weekend, which is always fabulous and I got to spend time with grandma Erickson *and* grandma and grandpa Kelly! How cool is that? And of course listening to conference is just always awesome and I *really* needed a spiritual boost. I am NOT a fan of college wards and I feel almost inactive when I am in them. But conference was great to remind me of the things I need to keep doing.

I posted 4, (yes F-O-U-R) videos last week, which not only signifies that I have no life, but also means I have too many ideas floating around in my head. I was actually starting to be kinda content with my editing skills, realizing that yeah, I could do some cool stuff and my videos, while not amazing by any means, were quite fun to watch. Of course then I spend a little time cruising YT and of course come across the videos that are AMAZING and it's almost painful to watch them cause I just feel so inadequate after seeing other people's skills. One of the videos that was posted this weekend was an uh-MAZ-ing Robin/Marian vid to "Shattered". Now, I almost didn't watch the video just on principle because that song is SO overused, and I hate it when people use the same song that other people have. It just irks me a lot and frankly I think that it's not very creative. I mean, I know that "Shattered" is an amazing song, and I'd be one of the first wanting to make a vid to it, but it's been beaten to death by every fandom making vids to it.

(begin /SIDENOTE/: *So* often on YT you see videos done to songs by someone who is a good video maker and the vid is so cute and good and as you watch it you think "that's a great song!", and then a few weeks/days later, another video is posted to the same song by someone who is a "better" video maker and they think they can do a better job of the song! It just makes me mad when people do that cause it totally takes away from the originality and creativity of the first video! Sure the second video might be edited better or "look" cooler, but to me it just looks lazy that they couldn't come up with a song on their own! Urgh! It's like, my BIGGEST pet peeve about YT! (of course this statement is footnoted by the fact that if you do the same song but in a different way with different characters or a different idea with the song, then that's cool, kudos to you for thinking outside the box) end /SIDENOTE/)

So I almost didn't watch it. But then I did and it was so beautiful! ::sob:: it actually made me uncomfortable how much I loved that video. I wanted to favorite it, but I just couldn't do it cause of the song! It sounds so stupid, but there you have it. And of course *everyone* is favoriting it, so I see it everywhere, but I have yet to watch it again. the combination of the effects and the editing being so amazing along with the overused song kinda makes me feel sick inside. ugh, I need help.

Basically the point of that paragraph was to segway into my latest thing I'm finding out about myself. So I'm good at a lot of different things. I have talents, I'm acknowledging this. I can play the piano, write, edit videos, play sports, preform well in school, etc. So I have these skills, but I'm not, like *fabulous* at anything. I'm pretty much average, like C or B material. Does that make sense? Like I've never really excelled at any particular field. I got pretty good at writing, but that's gone now (and no one really knows why), I was good at crew but I gave up that one as well, I'm pretty adequate at the piano, but not enough to preform, I can edit videos so they look fun but they're not the jaw-dropping-heart-stopping-amazingness that you can find on YT. And while all this sounds depressing, it's nice to finally acknowledge it, haha.

And now here's a cute picture of my little brother to cheer you up:

This week brings my first midterm for my Language Structure class and hopefully some more headway on the never ending job search. Wish me luck!

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