Friday, October 30, 2009

Are you trying to develop a sense of humor or am I going deaf?

So October is practically over, which is weird cause it was August, like, yesterday, I kid you not.

This was the pumpkin I carved at FHE this week. Cute, no?

I haven't been very good at updating, and honestly it's because I have nothing new to report in my life. Things are pretty much the same, and then last week dive bombed on me and I felt like I was finally getting my bad luck all out at once. Pretty much I got a really bad cough from my roommate, and while I was expecting to get sick soon anyway (I ALWAYS get sick in the winter), it couldn't have come at a more inconvenient time, cause it was also midterms week. It was also the week I was supposed to start my "part-part time job" where I go visit a handicap girl named Katie 3 times a week. So I'm sick, having to take midterms and not being able to earn money! argh! FRUSTRATION!!!

My first midterm was a complete FAIL - and I'm not even exaggerating. It was curved enough that I don't want to kill myself anymore, but I'm still freaking out about that class. My second midterm went a bit better, but I was even more mad about my grade because I studied SO HARD and got a far lower score than I thought I would. Again, there was a curve in the class that made my grade very decent, but I still am mad that my studying didn't pay off as much as I wanted it to :(

I thought I was finally over the cough this week, but I'm STILL coughing, and today I started to have congestion AGAIN. grrrr........stupid, stupid, stupid....

So anyway, last week was FAIL, but this week went a LOT better, despite the growing cough again. And despite the fact that I still don't have a job and I REALLY don't have any money. Like really, I'm not even exaggerting.

I went and had an interview with the bishop to renew my temple reccommend and walked out of it feeling like the biggest failure in the world cause I'm not dating. How is that right? Bishop kept insisting that dating needed to be a top priority in my life right now, but honestly, finding a job to get money so I can support myself seems like a better priority. And hey! I have been on a date this semester and that's already WAY more than I usually do (haha). Anyway, I went home and moped to my roommate and ate some chocolate and we took a trip to Wal Mart and I felt much better.

Signed up for classes for next semester. My schedule is all over the place again. Ugh.

I know everthing in this post sounds depressing, but really, I'm very happy right now, lol. Last week was bad, so by comparison this week was brilliant :p

Oh and it snowed this week!! LOVE IT! I walked out of Language Structure class and it was coming down all pretty and white and I got to walk home in it :) Of course we'll see if I still love it when it started sticking to the ground and I have to drive through it, but for now it's very fun :)

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  1. A trip to Wal-Mart always makes me feel better.