Friday, October 16, 2009

If it is a blond woman I will *kill* myself!!

Rachel's getting married in November after all!!!
::cries of jubilation::
::confettii:: <---cause I like it

So this means that November 23rd I will be flying back to DC to attend her wedding at the DC temple on the 24th. Then I'll be able to have Thanksgiving with my family, then on the 27th I'll be flying right into Las Vegas for Mariah's wedding on the 28th. ::whew:: Now the only thing I really need to figure out is (a) where I'm going to stay in Vegas (b) how I get from the airport to where I'm going to stay and (c) how I'm getting from Vegas back to SLC. These may sound daunting, but they were already on my list from before and now that I've knocked off a lot of that list, those three things don't even sound like a challenge. Ha!

In other news: I listened to Christmas music again today. Don't tell my dad.

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